A Proven Track Record

With our well-connected and highly experienced team and the proven successes of our individual subsidiaries, Bin Drai Enterprises is an eminently attractive partner if you are looking for an investment partner internationally or considering entering the Middle East region.

International Partner

From the perspective of an international investment partner, Bin Drai Enterprises is looking to expand and diversify its investments globally, and is keen to partner with best-in-class entrepreneurs.

Middle East Partner

From a regional partner perspective, being headquartered in Dubai, our Family Office is perfectly situated to take advantage of this strategic geographical location between East and West. Further, Dubai — a city and emirate within the UAE — has long been recognised as the leading regional hub in the Middle East.

Over the years, Dubai has transformed into a truly international centre of global significance. International companies have found that the territories accessible from the UAE include many of the world’s most interesting emerging markets. The city combines a broad-based economy, competitive cost structure, political stability, open economic system, world-class infrastructure and an extensive foreign trade network that create an ideal investment climate for international companies.

Contact us for an informal discussion on how we can leverage our financial stability, contacts, expertise or location to assist you and your business.